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Meeting, congresses and events

In this rapidly expanding sector Genovarent offers a qualified transfer service to and from any location, using all kinds of vehicles, with serious and discrete personal. The Knowledge of Genoa, the Liguria Region and the national and international territory, gained over years of travels, represents a valid and reliable support from all organisational aspects.

The continuing proliferation of meetings and promotional events that are held throughout the Italian territory and beyond, has already provided several opportunities to engage in the comprehensive management of congresses, fairs, meetings and international events, using its own resources and personnel.

The innumerable products that enhance the flexibility and the complementary aspect of our services in the various sectors, have led Genovarent to a natural expansion of its activities.

The experience gained in each individual field, such as planning, logistics, location setting, promotion, transport, human resources and accommodation in collaboration with the best travel agencies,  combine to make the Company a unique interlocutor for the Client who intends to organise and manage events such as trade fairs, conferences, promotional tours, presentations and launches of new products on the market and many others.

In the past, Genovarent has had the pleasure of contributing to international events organised by important car-makers, with whom it is still working, such as Cadillac Europe, Chevrolet Europe, Corvette, Opel, Fiat Auto, Saab and others.

It also offers a production and distribution service across Italy of advertising/promotional material and free gifts distributed by highly professional hostesses/stewards.

The new challenge Genovarent is going to face now is to conquer the field of event management.