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About us


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Renzo Balbi started his adventure in 1975 and today he still runs the company personally, together with his two sons, with the same determination and will to grow today as then .

After accumulating a remarkable amount experience, both commercial and operative, in over 12 years of collaboration with Avis Car Rental, one of the largest companies in the sector, he decided to embark on a new career, becoming an agent for Maggiore Autonoleggi and managing to double its turnover in only nine months.

But his will to continue to explore new opportunities and take new risks led him to further changes: he obtained the exclusive management in Genoa for Europcar, operating in two offices: one in the city centre and the other at the airport. Again results were not late to show and exceeded all expectations.

In 1993, despite a serious international crisis, he recorded an increase in output of 120%.

His greatest and most important idea developed from all these successes and the acquired awareness of his personal skills: he purchased his own fleet of vehicles, finally able to present himself independently in the sector, with his own name and brand, no longer working alongside other companies as in the past.

This is how Genovarent came into being.

Genovarent is today a well-established reality, a business recognised as one of the most organised, professional, and reliable company on the vast territory where it operates. In recent years, as a result of participation in numerous exhibitions have been greatly developed relationships with international customers. Thanks to the vast quantity of offerings, everything about the rental of vehicles from Genovarent you can find.

Dependable and organizational skills are associated with courtesy and intelligence in problem solving making Genovarent a staple to Trust for "not having problems." The owner Renzo Balbi, his sons Andrea and Marco, and their trusted collaborators, are able to cope with the many demands and satisfy even the most demanding of customers.